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Things to do in Bermuda

Crystal Caves of Bermuda

Begin your day with an awe-inspiring journey to Crystal Caves, the most extensive and captivating cave system on the island of Bermuda. Crystal Caves is a magnificent natural wonder, with stalactites hanging from above and towering stalagmites formed over millions of years from water and rock. Upon navigating the cave's winding paths and exploring its intricate corners, pause and soak in the serene atmosphere of the underground paradise.

Bermuda's Pink Sand Beaches

Bermuda is home to a variety of beaches with light-pink colored sand, however Horseshoe Bay Beach is the largest and most famous. It also features crystal-clear water, lifeguards, easy access to public transportation, and several types of beach activity rentals. The beach is located at the heart of South Shore Park and is a popular destination for local events throughout the year.

Land & Sea Adventures

Whether its on-land or in the sea, Bermuda is packed full of adventures and activities. The vibrant coral reefs are teeming with underwater life waiting to be explored. Add to that over 300 shipwrecks surrounding the island and its a divers paradise. Back on land, take a swing on golf courses played by the world's greatest golfers, perfect your serve at tennis or get involved with the latest pickleball craze.

Bermuda Travel Tips

Time Zone: Atlantic Time Zone

Passport Required: Yes

Languages Spoken: English

Power: Standard U.S. plug

Currency: Bermuda Dollar, but the US Dollar is widely accepted

Transportation: The island-wide bus is a convenient way to get around. Ferries, scooters, and microcars are also widely available for a more adventurous way to explore the island.